LCD glass: the wall transforms in a second


Vetroin's LCD glass is very technological and allows to opacify an entire wall with a simple click. Being our furniture plans based largely on glass [...]

Customisable glass doors


Are you in need of a project for the creation and installation of customisable glass doors? You're definitely in the right place. Vetroin is a [...]

Wood and glass furniture project


Vetroin is an incredibly large company dealing in glass furniture for offices, big companies, venues of important brands, banks and much more. We're [...]

Made to measure glass furnishings by Vetroin.


What does designing and producing made to measure glass furnishings mean? The personalization of furnishings is not to be under estimated, to begin [...]

Interactive glass: the partition is transformed.


Technology never ceases to  amaze us. Vetroin, company leader in the field of prestigious office furnishings, is happy to present its interactive [...]
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