Glass walls: nine structures of Vetroin and the tenth on the way!


Vetroin of Castelmella, Brescia, was founded exactly 10 years ago and today it is one of the leading companies in the production of glass walls for [...]

Glass furniture: certification ISO 9001, LEED, ISO 14001


Vetroin is a company that deals with design and production of glass furniture since 2006, conquering a prestigious place in the market not only in [...]

Glass walls with LCD, it's all about the magnetic field


Vetroin proposes in its projects glass walls with LCD, what does this mean?
Between two glass plates is inserted a LCD film, which may cause [...]

Furniture for offices: the protagonist is the glass


Design a furniture for offices is never an easy thing, especially when you have to deal with large companies that have a certain image to be [...]
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