Light-saving and space-saving glass sliding doors


Space saving and light saving. These are the two great characteristics of some of the most innovative and refined Vetroin's elements: the glass [...]

Custom furniture for the art’s house


Imagine a museum, an art's house and a place where to expose paintings and sculptures; but also a place of creation, with offices for promotion and [...]

Glass parapets for offices arranged over several levels


When we make a plan for an office that is arranged over several levels, we also include the creation of beautiful glass parapets, in coordination [...]

Offices’ furniture planning worthy of a great company


The office's furniture of a great company should be matching the latter's greatness. Image is more important than ever when it comes to companies of [...]

Decorated glass doors: designs worthy of attention!


Who, among you, wouldn't want a completely personalised office? Not only in terms of furniture, decorations and colours... but also for what concern [...]
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