A glass furniture definitely special

The glass furniture projects Vetroin you can recognize at first glance ... the spirit makes the difference

How many of you are looking for a company to make a real particular project? You are in the right place, Vetroin is the right ally to turn to. We are specialized in the production of high quality glass furniture, 100% Made in Italy, enriched by technological elements and unique processing. For projects for important offices, representative branches, banks, insurances, meeting spaces, and any other reality that needs special furnishing, please contact us.
For 10 years now our company is on the Italian market and not only that, also on the European and outside Europe thanks to important collaborations. We have enriched our already extensive catalog with the tenth super technological mobile wall, able to overcome the limits of glass, the material. A glass furniture Vetroin you recognize at first glance, its uniqueness is so obvious that solutions such as those found by our experts, you will not find anywhere else. And as we have said in some previous article, it is not only glass furniture it is the spirit, atmosphere, emotion.
Browsing through the website, you will find on page "Achievements" some of our recent work, from which you can capture the soul of the glass furniture project, seeing the final effect and the care for details; in the "products" section are described with great precision the series of our glass walls; finally not forget the "vetroinnovazioni, glass innovations" for many of our manufacturing and personalization.

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