Design and technology in glass office furniture

How to make the working environment of your office up-to-date without losing aesthetics and functionality

The office reflects the company's brand and it is for this reason that it should be constantly up to date with technological innovations and current trends. Let's see how design and technology have become an indispensable guideline for an elegant and functional office.

Transparency wins over everything

An example of completely glass furniture

Glass furniture, transparency and elegance

For several years now, the use of glass as a structural element or furnishing accessory is gaining momentum in the studies of architects and designers. Increasingly we see how this material is chosen to create modern and suggestive structures, as in the case of the Flagship store of Chanel in Rotterdam, where the architecture firm MVRDV used a glass brick as a module for the external walls of the store.
Functional and dynamic, glass office furniture is positioned at the top of innovation.
Not only do they adapt to the growing need for transparency both physically and intellectually, but they are the avant-garde in terms of energy savings due to less use of artificial lighting, while allowing natural light to make their way through the different rooms.

For every need a solution

What most attracts the eye in the use of glass furniture in the offices is the ability to customize each of the environments in a completely original way. Let's see how the versatility of glass allows the creation of evocative and differentiated structural elements for every need.

- the classicism of simple glass to allow ideas to travel without brakes. Through the use of glass doors and glass partition walls, an open and enlightened environment is created that facilitates faster and more efficient communication.

- the combination of glass and wood to recall a natural environment that promotes relaxation. Just as plants bring wellbeing to the workplace, the reference to an external natural environment contributes to the unconscious level to reduce stress fatigue.

- an opaque glass to protect privacy and increase concentration. Allowing distractions to stay far from our eyes and our ears.

- a touch of color through the glass to increase creativity and energy. The bright colors help the stimulation of mind and body, encouraging concentration and creativity.

Offices with colored glass furniture

The power of colors in offices and the effect with glass

The technological revolution

Technological innovations are also aiming to break down the physical walls of distance.
The advent of social networks like Facebook not only allowed us to remain connected daily with the rest of the world, but led to the normalization of the use of internet as an essential tool for the performance of most of the daily activities.
It is therefore not strange that within the offices we tend to remain more and more in step with the times, trying to renew our technological arsenal whenever it is obsolete and no longer functional to the efficiency of a dynamic and productive work space.
In recent years we have worked constantly to renew the model of communication between colleagues. From the possibility of a videoconference, to the use of apps like Slack that allow more people to share material and exchange ideas on current projects, the working environments have completely immersed themselves in the tools of the digital age.
The most modern offices that use a glass furniture, are equipped with video projections on this, so as to break down the need for large screens. In fact, a single surface is used both as a partition wall and as a projection screen, a solution that is functional and elegant that will fascinate your customers.

Smart working and news in office furniture

The new spatial and technological concept gave the opening to a new working model called smart working. The need for a growing fluidity of time and work places is revolutionizing the traditional concept for which everything should be done within pre-established times and through the physical meeting of all the collaborators. Through the use of smart working it is possible to increase productivity, allowing your company to grow and renew itself.
The same office environments are now conceived in a completely different way than in the past, precisely in relation to the need to adapt them to agile and efficient work. In the run of innovation, the glass furniture for offices is the winner, that allow a continuity between the various spaces, while at the same time it act as a barrier to sound distractions, allowing the eye to travel without limitations. The resistance and at the same time the transparency of the glass furniture present themselves as a perfect mix to describe in a tacit way the fluidity of our contemporaneity.

Design as a form of art

Glass furniture customized by art

When art meets glass office furniture

It is known that art permeates wherever it is left free to infiltrate. More and more often we find ourselves welcomed in offices by real works of contemporary art, synonymous with a sensitivity to beauty that is increasingly shared. However, it is not always said that there is the right place to host these works and it is for this reason that to satisfy the growing artistic fever we have come to the creation of digital decorative works, once again a synthesis of a collaboration between technology and design.
Particular emphasis should be placed on led glass technology, a type of innovative decoration with a strong impact. With the laser engraving of the design and the insertion of colored LEDs we can create a cutting-edge digital decoration, creative and inspiring for both employees and customers visiting your offices.

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