Glass furnishings in the list of good intentions for 2019

How to exploit of the furnishing accessories to create a relaxing environment in which to be more productive and energetic

We all know that January has always been the month of good intentions. Eat better, be more productive at work and aim for new goals with more energy and desire to get involved. Not all, however, in the frenzy of the deadlines to be completed, have had time to make predictions about what the 2019 will reserve. So here is a little trick to be able to deceive the time: use the Chinese New Year in early February to take stock of the situation and finally create our list of good intentions.

Furniture in the things to do in 2019

The first rule to create an impeccable list of "To do" is undoubtedly that of listening to our own needs, trying to eliminate what is harmful to our well-being, in order to concentrate on the aspects that can make improvements in our daily lives.
We know well how the environment in which we are immersed daily can influence this state of well-being or malaise. Here are some tips from the world of furniture to be incorporated into our list of good intentions, to be able to live a positive year full of successes.

Treating body and mind through glass furniture

In order to improve our psycho-physical state, it is certainly useful to act on the environment around us, to try to make it as welcoming as possible. Let's take a test! Visualize in your mind a landscape that you find relaxing, a place that makes you feel at ease. Now compare it with the image of the places where you spend most of your time, maybe your office or home study. What are the differences you notice in these two images? The brightest colors and the more open spaces or the stillness and quiet of your ideal landscape against the cramped and closed atmosphere of your work environment? Well, inspired by this image you will have to try to make it concrete, using your room and turning the dream into reality. The first step to change the space at your disposal is to provide you with the right furnishing accessories.
Glass furniture can be a great ally in this battle for well-being.

Why should you choose glass furniture?

Glass furniture is undoubtedly the best choice if you try to combat the sense of closure that is inevitably created inside a room. For example, as far as our office can be wide, what is put inside it will necessarily lead to perceiving space in a limited way.
The use of glass furniture helps to contain this closure, visually multiplying the size of the environment and collaborating to the development of a relaxed atmosphere that stimulates creativity. The main features of glass furnishings allow:
- greater filtering of light in the room
- the absence of vibration by the colors
- the opportunity to modernize the environment when you want
In fact, the properties of glass make it possible to exploit the light coming from outside as much as possible, without creating shadow areas that further restrict the space and at the same time not to disturb our concentration because it does not present a color that could affect our mood.
In fact, the vibration that colors present can act positively on our body, but it can also become an element of distraction that diminishes our productivity. Lastly, precisely because it is neutral, the glass furniture allows a change in the look of the office every time you want to freshen it up.

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