Glass office walls with fabric insertion

Glass office walls completely customized with the insertion of your fabrics

Today we are talking about a very special VetroIN decoration for your glass office walls, that is the possibility of inserting a particular fabric inside the glass wall itself. But how?
Let's start from the beginning: VetroIN designs and manufactures high quality glass furniture for important offices, completely customized, with avant-garde design, aesthetically perfect. To achieve these results we have developed many different customization techniques, including the possibility, through vacuum bonding, to insert a fabric of your choice between two slabs of your glass walls.
If you are particularly attached to a fabric or you have even fallen in love with it and like to have it in your dividing glass office walls, talk to our expert technicians and ask to develop the project starting from this fabric, to be completely integrated. Thanks to our most modern machineries we are able to work huge sheets of glass with fabrics, in this case, to be inserted and fixed between one plate and another.
The result? Aesthetically unique, from the very high decorative value given by the fabric you have chosen, with the guarantee of resistance of the glass itself and easy to clean. More personalized furniture than this, it does not exist! Please contact us for any information and to further deepen the details of the processing.

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