Glass partition walls, main element of our projects

Three very important features for making glass partition walls: safety, functionality, aesthetics

What features must have a glass partition wall to be up to VetroIN projects? About the 10 glass partition walls and our 10 collections in our catalog, what can we say?
The glass partition wall is definitely a fundamental element of each furniture project, around which everything is built. The main function of separation of space and environments makes it the protagonist and, precisely for this role, must be well-studied and designed.

FUNCTIONALITY: furniture with uncomfortable, bulky glass partition walls or limiting the activities of your employees is not good. It is necessary, before the project, to study the movements and work that are carried out inside the office, in order to optimize the spaces.

AESTHETIC: how can it fail in VetroIN projects? The eye wants its part, if it is that of the workers who spend the whole day in the company, or from potential customers, suppliers or even competitors. A company that cares for the image always has a plus.

SECURITY: essential, in every action and in every VetroIN structure. We have undergone the glass partition walls with a lot of resistance tests to guarantee you the utmost safety and, in the last INWALL collection, we have included elements to ensure that they are even earthquake resistant.
We remind you that all VetroIN works are fully customized and made to measure, please contact us!

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