Glass walls for offices enriched with laminated wood

Glass walls for offices VetroIN mix well with wooden panels, here is EVOLVINWALL.

As we have always said in our weekly articles, VetroIN mainly uses glass as a material for creating office furniture. The other reference material is definitely the laminated wood, that with glass combines wonderfully. We are talking about harmony, magical atmospheres, design ... key elements in all of our projects.
This is the case of glass walls for offices EVOLVINWALL whose self-supporting infill panels are precisely made of glass and wood. We have three versions for you: EW1 EWA central and asymmetric single glass, EW2 double glass, EWC instead with two glass panels. The sealing is ensured by plastic seals and the upper and lower profiles allow a perfect alignment. These glass walls for offices can be combined with hinged doors or sliding doors.
As happens in so many cases, words can never do the best, it is much better the pictures to talk for us. We invite you to browse the VetroIN web site at the "product" page, in the section devoted to Evolvinwall and scroll through the pictures of the details and the end result, magical! Then please contact us to get all the necessary information and to request quotations without obligation.
We are at your complete disposal.

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