Glass walls: the top of range is signed Vetroin

Glass walls decorated and personalized, built as an instrument to interact with the environment.

As we already said in some previous article, the strength of the company Vetroin, international market leader in design and construction of glass walls, is the glassware department that deals with all stages of processing and customization of the elements. In fact for building your glass walls, the company is specialized in cutting, drilling, in decoration and glass laminating, but also in the processing of aluminum extruded profiles (sliced, milled and assembled) and in wood.
To all this are added the "glass-innovations" which means all the customizations of the glass walls. This element becomes an instrument to interact with the environment, exceeding all the limits of traditional walls. We think of VETROinTERACTIVE, a glass wall with touch screen film that allows you to use the partition wall as a huge screen of your PC, very useful for presentations and conferences. Another example is the one with LCD glass, with a liquid crystal film that becomes opaque with a simple click, creating intimacy and privacy when needed.
Vetroin is the ideal company to contact if you need an astonishing furniture, innovative, technological, modern and unique. Our glass walls represent the top of the market range, please contact us for any further information.

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