High-tech office furniture

Vetroin combines the elements for your office furniture and technological tools that will ensure the effective place of work. You can incorporate LCD screens, touch screen in our office furniture or make more or less opaque walls in different spaces using glass lcd technology.

It's more and more difficult to find a company that will deal with production of office furniture, and which also offers design consulting, especially if offered elements are of the latest technology.
Vetroin believes that this is the company's philosophy to follow, and provides professionals in any field, if you wish. we will follow you from the design stage up to the installation.
Office furniture offered by Vetroin is of high quality, it is stylish and modern, it allows circulation of light in all the rooms of your space, because they are made of transparent or decorated glass. Moreover, Vetroin allows you insert constituent furnishing elements for your office, functional and useful for your work elements.
Vetrointeractive combines the technology of LCD touch screen with rear projection or film directly on your partitions walls or on special panels, the mirror image solid wall may provide for the inclusion in its thickness, monitor lcd tv that disappears completely after being switched off. LCD glass walls pass from transparent to opaque when are switched on, in relation to the passage of electricity, ensuring confidentiality in the event of meeting, when you need it.
As you can see, office furniture by Vetroin can become, through these technologies, the perfect way to integrate stylish elements of design with the tools that will allow the unfolding of your work in a fast and smooth way.

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