Laser engraving on glass

Vetroin is a modern, enterprising office-fitting company with an extensive and very interesting range of products. It is based in Castel Mella, in the province of Brescia. It is staffed by competent, trustworthy people and is constantly updating itself.
Vetroinlaser is Vetroin’s latest technology.
As the name suggests, Vetroinlaser involves making an incision on glass with a laser. LED lights are trapped in the laser incisions on glass, making them appear to shine with their own light. It gives a fascinating effect, which naturally attracts the customer’s attention.

Vetroin has many other products too: hinged and sliding doors, balustrades, hanging baskets, dividing walls, and many other technologies: interactive glass, glass with LEDs, glass with LCD film, customised glass, and much more.
On our website, you can see samples of projects we have done.
Are you searching for a trustworthy, specialist company? Are you interested by our laser incision technology? Are you looking for high-quality glass doors and dividing walls of high quality? Then look no further than Vetroin.

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