Sound-absorbing walls, indispensable in crowded offices

Sound-absorbing walls: the solution to reduce the reverberation without spoiling the aesthetics VetroIN

VetroIN, in its glass furnishing projects, offers you two solutions to solve the problem of noise diffusion in your offices:

we insert, during the lamination process, large transparent PVB films capable of enhancing noise abatement. Being transparent, the eye cannot capture its existence, ensuring excellent performance without any aesthetic disturbance.

it is possible to place on the sound-absorbing walls also panels in milled wood or in polyester fiber covered with fabric (VetroIN samples or at customer's request) in order to obtain an even more effective result. The positioning of these modules is guaranteed by magnets, bi-adhesive, velcro or suspension cables depending on the projects.

The sound-absorbing walls, from simple reflecting walls, become glass walls able to absorb the noise caused in the various rooms and limit the reverberation as much as possible, a fundamental characteristic in a very crowded office with glass partition walls. The VetroIN company has therefore studied a solution that corrects the problem of sound diffusion without neglecting design and aesthetics, so that these marvelous sound-absorbing walls were born. We remind you that each project is completely customizable, we invite you to browse the images of some recent achievements to get an idea of the work signed by VetroIN

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