The advantages and unique elegance of the decorated glass doors

What characteristics they present and why they are conquering the entrances of both public and private buildings

One of the most significant and characteristic images of the Christmas period is undoubtedly that of houses, offices, shops whose silhouette is entirely redesigned by decorations and colored lights. The aspect that makes us immerse ourselves in the Christmas spirit is precisely the atmosphere that is breathed in every place we enter, a symbiotic atmosphere of the spaces in which we interact, the harmonious background that binds the interior and the exterior of buildings. We strive to decorate doors and windows with garlands, snowflakes and festoons in bright colors, to embellish the already beautiful architecture that welcomes us and warm up in the glow of winter. In particular, the entrance and therefore the doors, deserves special attention when it comes to decorations.

The door as a passage between old and new

Symbolically seen as an outlet to new opportunities, the door is the first thing we see entering a building or room. This importance is found in the growing interest in door decoration. We are witnessing more and more often their colorful and singular change, or elegant and trendy. Each door reflects a different character and their singularity becomes an expression of this.

Why install decorated glass doors?

The reasons behind the choice of designing decorated glass doors for your home or for your office start from lighting benefits that this solution is able to make. In the growing expansion of the cities, where the buildings are crowded close together and the skyscrapers grow in height, we know how much light is a sought after element, but also how much we feel the need to personalize our environments to feel them closer to our taste. The decision to use decorated glass doors thus brings these two needs into line, in an elegant and modern combination. In fact, glass allows the light to be able to filter from one room to another even in the privacy of a closed door and through the decoration, to create striking optical effects.

What advantages does a decorated glass door offer?

In addition to the passage of light, the decorated glass doors are distinguished from the normal wooden doors for:

- absence of material wear

- easy cleaning and maintenance

-elegance of details
Characteristics that have made it one of the most trendy structural elements in recent years. In the growing attention towards a more sustainable economy, it has become essential to take into account the whole cycle of an object, from its production, through the life cycle, to then ending the disposal. That's why structures and objects that appear to be long-lasting, are winning on all that is perishable and of fast consumption. The decorated glass doors therefore add a touch of class to an element that thanks to a simple material that does not require expensive products to be cleaned and maintained, wins with regard to the durability. Moreover, thanks to its nature, glass can be recycled infinite times and this allows the reduction of consumption and pollution due to disposal.

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