The environments to lower stress in a workplace

All the spaces and modern solutions to build a relaxed work environment that encourages collaboration

The offices are a constant plot of changes. Its environments are evolving today more rapidly than ever before, due to the social change within which they are inserted. The new digital age and the openness of companies to the working models of smart-working are favoring a more careful analysis regarding the various environments that are inserted within an office. If in the past we were concerned about having a meeting room and a space to work in, today we can no longer limit ourselves to considering these two environments as sufficient. We need to look beyond the basic office environments in order to build a work atmosphere in step with the times, which fosters creativity and allows a greater exchange of interactions. Let's see how the office has therefore evolved from a simple desk to a real inclusive reality.

Looking towards the horizon

The light makes this glass office beautiful

Natural light is the protagonist in this glass office

First of all, the typical spatial limitations of a closed environment are often the cause of emotional abasement and malaise. A modern design solution is to take advantage of glass office walls to benefit from a wider field of vision. The glass partition walls are in fact optimal to allow the filtering of a greater quantity of light inside the work environments, allowing to take advantage of the psycho-physical benefits deriving from exposure to natural light. Light conditions our mood, stimulating the re-emergence of positive sensations and pleasant memories. Working in a well-lit environment helps to feel more energetic and acts as a propeller to start the day with the maximum of grit. The glass walls inside the offices can also solve the unpleasant inconvenience of noise that in large open space environments tends to create. Noise is also a primary source of stress and continuous distraction in the workplace.

A cutout of nature on which to take a look

The green areas in the office are increasing over the years. From the classical plant on the desk we have arrived to internal gardens, to the working structures that allow the employees to enjoy the many advantages deriving from the plants. Not only being in contact with the green, even in pot, contributes to relaxation because constant reference to the serenity that is felt when you are in contact with nature. Having plants in the office helps to improve air quality and therefore build a healthier place to spend the main hours of the day. A trendy area has become the glass-protected greenhouse that in the office can obviate the inconvenience of any insects attracted by such a large vegetation.

But which are the environments in the modern office that we separate through glass partition walls?

In a contemporary and innovative office, the main spaces that favor relaxation are:

- the kitchen

- the relaxation area

- the entertainment area

Furniture in glass and nature, an excellent combination

When nature becomes part of the glass furnishing project

A familiar corner to enjoy lunch

An environment that is still underestimated is that of the kitchen. A space equipped with appliances in which to have the possibility to store and heat the lunch or even only  to prepare a coffee, is often considered superfluous during the assignment of the various rooms inside the office. The kitchen instead contributes to create a sense of familiarity in the workplace, a home space that generates relaxation and helps create a small personal space that affects the well-being of employees. In addition to offering the opportunity to eat what you have previously prepared at home, it can further promote the exchange between colleagues. Just think that sharing a dish cooked by yourself, is totally different from proposing a taste of a dish bought in the canteen. It can also be a more relaxed environment for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet lunch in peace and not overwhelmed by the chaos of refreshment points.

An area designed to dissipate accumulated tensions

A place where you can relax, sitting on an armchair or resting on a pouf is essential to maintain productivity in modern offices. The relaxation area is an environment where you can go during the day, during the inevitable situations of stress or even in moments of fatigue or low productivity. Stress is one of the causes that increases the risk of confrontation and illness within companies. At European level has emerged that 5% of workers who suffer from stressful situations at work have considered the idea of leaving the job because of the strong psychological and physical repercussions. It is therefore clear that to give the mind a rest period, be healthy to reacquire the energy invested previously and to perceive the workplace more pleasantly. Lowering stress levels relaxes and facilitates relationships and collaborations between colleagues, simultaneously stimulate the increase in productivity. Having the ability to change view, immersed in an atmosphere designed not to overload the mind, allows you to refresh the ideas and results in a longer lasting resting state. Optimal use of colors like light blue and blue to help the state of relaxation.

Neverland behind your desk

A trend in recent years is gradually consolidating in the modern and avant-garde smart offices, is the inclusion of an entertainment area with ping-pong and Table football. Like the relaxation area, this environment is a perfect antidote to stress and fatigue levels that can affect you if you have spent many hours concentrating on a job. Reactivating the body, revitalizes us allowing us to be more reactive and attentive. In addition to increasing the focus, simultaneously download the accumulated tensions, favoring a tangible state of well-being. Playing a game with colleagues can ease relationships that go beyond the simple work-related interaction, strengthen friendships and help to create a healthy and productive exchange environment. Having fun stimulates creativity and increases the feeling of inclusion in the workplace. In addition, you have the opportunity to know and stay in touch with people you do not usually work with, allowing us to know each other and to get confident with more colleagues and contributing to the establishment of a cohesive group.

Design panels for sound-absorbing walls

The work environment affects performance
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