The equipped partition walls as a symbol of modernity

All the advantages of a structural division element combined with the convenience of a container with compartments

The innovations and development of the XXI century can all be summarized in one concept: reversibility, or the fact that an object can have a function that can potentially be transformed into its complete opposite. But also the double use of many devices such as phablet. Double functionality, just like reversibility, show how our society is increasingly focused on the preservation of space, in a future conception in which the less is more of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe will dominate in every field of everyday life. Contemporary cities are already showing how space is not infinite and starting from this awareness, we are designing cutting-edge solutions that can meet the demanding requests of our generation, but always looking at the minimal side that attracts our minds and our eyes.

The equipped partition walls as a double synonym of modernity

Starting from what we use to delimit the space around us, what better solution than to equip the walls with a double function? The equipped partition walls can be an excellent alternative to combine practicality and space protection. We think of the convenience of having a bookcase or shelf, that can keep all the documents and files in order, integrated into our dividing structure. A space saving and a gain of time all integrated within one single element.
In addition to this, joining two structures that are usually designed separately allows you to have better mobility inside the environment that presents equipped partition walls. This also allows anyone who interacts with this environment not to perceive as such the spatial closure of the walls and furnishing accessories.

What are the advantages of equipped partition walls?

Connected to the characteristics already described, we find several other advantages that will make you fall in love with the equipped partition walls. To begin with we must emphasize the enormous benefit that comes from the installation of a wall that has glass as its main material.
The use of glass in the equipped partition walls allows to enjoy the advantages of an open space, while limiting the problems deriving from a complete opening of the rooms. We can therefore avoid:
- noises that can distract
- absence of privacy
- excessive heat dispersion
In fact, very large rooms are a constant source of distractions that, for example in an office, derive mostly from noise produced by other people or by electronic devices. Although modern offices tend to prefer solutions such as open spaces, very often these constant distractions cause diminished productivity and increased stress. In equal measure, the absence of privacy can lead to the same consequences. The use of equipped partition walls can therefore be ideal for combating these distractions with the advantage of having already integrated within it the rest of the furnishing accessories that can be used in an office. In the same way, having non-dispersive environments allows to reduce consumption resulting from heating. So you just have to try this double structure to personally evaluate the benefits that will follow.

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