Trendy glass furniture projects

Glass furniture that amazes? Design, safety, emotion ... the vetroIN projects.

VetroIN is a big company specialized in design and realization of glass furniture for offices and important companies. Our work is strictly tailor-made, designed by architects and designers of excellence, based on a study of cutting-edge design, exciting and amazing. Our glass furniture projects are special, not suitable for everyone, definitely much more unique than rare.
After this little preface, we invite you to browse the pictures on our website at the "achievements" page. There are photographs of some of our recent works, in which the glass furniture really amazed and satisfied our very important customers. Often, as in these cases, the pictures are worth more than a thousand words ... we are sure that you will be impressed!
As we have pointed out, the projects are all tailor-made and customized. We have created well 10 collections of internal mobile walls just to meet any need, from the most "simple", with the only function to separate the environments to the most "revolutionary" which exceeds the limits of matter.
For amazing glass furniture, cutting-edge and ultra-modern ... please contact us!

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