Vetroin glass partitions for offices

A working place has never been so important, not just because we spend most of our time there, but also because of its critical role in business management. Conducting business requires an elegant and neat office. It’s not a rare case, however, that you face difficulties in allocation of spaces, and here partitions for offices may come to rescue.  Vetroin, in Castel Mella, is a company engaged in production of professional furniture with glass as the only use material. Transparent, elegant, minimalist and environmentally friendly, it serves as a basis for useful and elegant partitions for offices.
Never again will you have any problems with spaces, you’ll be able to furnish each premise with the right items. 

Evolwinwall is a system of partitions for offices used by the company to create the most advanced projects. These are extruded sectioned aluminum shapes for plates and boards of different material. And here again glass is a basic element, while external structure serves as a bearer frame. The principal advantage of these partition walls for offices is that they considerably reduce the noise level produced by a human voice equal to 50 dB. This is really crucial especially given the need for business talks and private meetings with customers. At the company’s website you’ll find all the pictures of these wonderful partition walls for offices and start thinking of your own workplace.

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