The equipped partition walls as a symbol of modernity


The innovations and development of the XXI century can all be summarized in one concept: reversibility, or the fact that an object can have a [...]
Furniture in glass and nature, an excellent combination

Glass furnishings in the list of good intentions for 2019


We all know that January has always been the month of good intentions. Eat better, be more productive at work and aim for new goals with more [...]

The best of glass with LED lighting and its technology


When we think about glazed surfaces, what at first glance comes to mind is undoubtedly the cleanliness and transparency of the material, accompanied [...]
Glass partition walls between the rooms in the office

The future of your office passes through the glass partition windows


The working environments are a constantly changing space as much as the world of work, which in our contemporaneity takes on more and more advanced [...]

The advantages and unique elegance of the decorated glass doors


One of the most significant and characteristic images of the Christmas period is undoubtedly that of houses, offices, shops whose silhouette is [...]

Why the glass office furniture brings benefits to the company


The layout of the rooms inside an office and the furnishings that complete them are two of the hinge points of the design of the working space of a [...]
Laser engraving on glass plate

Laser engraving on glass to strengthen your company


We know well how the brand identity of a company is based not only on the products or services offered, also on the image that it gives of itself. [...]
Design panels for sound-absorbing walls

The benefits of sound-absorbing walls in indoor environments


Noise protection is essential to achieving a comfortable environment in which we can carry out our activities without being distracted by what [...]

The environments to lower stress in a workplace


The offices are a constant plot of changes. Its environments are evolving today more rapidly than ever before, due to the social change within which [...]
Inwall is earthquake-proof

Anti-seismic glass walls between stability and attractive design


A constantly changing landscape
 During its evolution, through the movements of the tectonic plates that led to the breaking of the Pangea, [...]
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