Glass parapet: between safety and aesthetics vetroIN


Choosing to create a glass office furniture, making this material the undisputed king of the entire project, means not only including walls and [...]

Partition glass walls for offices 100% Made in Italy


VetroIN is a large and dynamic company that deals with the design and production of high-quality glass furniture, ultra-technological, strictly [...]

Glass office walls with fabric insertion


Today we are talking about a very special VetroIN decoration for your glass office walls, that is the possibility of inserting a particular fabric [...]

Sound-absorbing walls, indispensable in crowded offices


VetroIN, in its glass furnishing projects, offers you two solutions to solve the problem of noise diffusion in your offices:*   IN THE GLASS WALLwe [...]

Anti-seismic partition walls: they would have resisted Amatrice's shock


The National Council of Engineers has brought to light a very impressive fact: over 21.5 million people live in areas of the country exposed to VERY [...]

Glass furnishing project: what should not be missing?


VetroIN is a great company that deals with glass furnishing projects especially for important offices. Our catalog includes 10 collections of glass [...]

Glass partition wall in harmony with wood


Many customers in recent years ask us for a contemporary office furniture. But what does this mean? What are the trends of the moment? VetroIN, a [...]

Glazed walls: from the office a glimpse of the outside


The question that everyone asks us, is: do the glazed walls in the offices influence the mood and performance of the employees? Does productivity [...]

Custom glass furniture: a new way of thinking with INWALL


VetroIN is a very large company that has been designing, producing and installing custom glass furniture for commercial activities and important [...]

Doors in frosted glass: the sandblasting technique


Do you know how to obtain the frosted glass doors? Do you know the technique behind such a decoration? VetroIN can explain it to you, a leading [...]
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