Interactive glass by Vetroin, very professional.


VetroInTeractive, interactive glass, is a real patent of our company, a unique product in the world, an example of technological excellence. We're [...]

Glass with LCD film.


Glass with LCD film is one of the possibilities of personalization by Vetroin, for the furnishing of your office, alongside printing, laser [...]

Office furnishings project.


A good office furnishings project must be both functional for work purposes and aesthetically pleasing and appealing. It's therefore necessary to [...]

Personalized glass doors, many different techniques.


In Vetroin design projects even the doors can be personalized! That's right, all our jobs are produced to personal measurements, depending on your [...]

Made to measure glass furnishings, a blaze of light.


Have you ever thought of glass as a furnishing element? Vetroin has, in time it has become one of the leading companiesin Europe for this sector, [...]

Glass sliding doors, personalized too!


Vetroin produces beautiful personalized glass sliding doors for the furnishing of your office! That's right, if you need to renovate an office or [...]

Office furnishings: four key words


Technology, avant-garde, modernity and glass...what can group these four words? FURNISHING...furnishing by Vetroin is the answer.Vetroin is a large [...]

Glass partitions: light, transparency and spaciousness.


Glass partitions are an integrating part of design projects by Vetroin, company leader in the office furnishings secotro. In fact, we don't only deal [...]

Novelty for glass furnishings


Glass furnishings are generally thought of as cold, impersonal, aseptic: the environment therefore is professional, dry, without connotations but [...]

Glass with LED for your new store.


Light has always been one of the most difficults points to think of and produce within a furnishings design project. Vetroin makes a new proposal: [...]
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