Office furnishings: four key words


Technology, avant-garde, modernity and glass...what can group these four words? FURNISHING...furnishing by Vetroin is the answer.Vetroin is a large [...]

Glass partitions: light, transparency and spaciousness.


Glass partitions are an integrating part of design projects by Vetroin, company leader in the office furnishings secotro. In fact, we don't only deal [...]

Novelty for glass furnishings


Glass furnishings are generally thought of as cold, impersonal, aseptic: the environment therefore is professional, dry, without connotations but [...]

Glass with LED for your new store.


Light has always been one of the most difficults points to think of and produce within a furnishings design project. Vetroin makes a new proposal: [...]

Architects, here's Vetroin's design project for office furnishings.


Are you looking for someone who can help you to fulfil your dream of craeting a new design project for office furnishings? Has the new year brought [...]

Personalized glass doors: new year 2015


We have now entered the new year...have you got the intention of changing something within your office? Some remodernization in the air? If you want [...]

New glass furnishing for 2015!


Here we are in the new year, Vetroin wishes you all the best for the coming year, hoping that 2015 will bring much joy and serenity!  Having said [...]

Interactive glass within an exceptional furnishing design.


What is interactive glass? Who can it be useful to?VetroInTeractive is an interactive glass designed and produced by Vetroin, leading company in the [...]

Glass sliding doors: practical and elegant.


Which advantages can the installation of a glass sliding door into your office furnishings bring? Vetroin projects and produces made to measure glass [...]

Made to measure glass furnishings for banks and branches.


Today we're turning our attention to all architects that have been contacted by banks or branches of banks for the design of new office [...]
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