Glass parapets for higher levels and mezzanines.


Glass furnishings for offices by Vetroin doesn't only deal with doors and panels but with all the elements that complete an environment, even glass [...]

Glass furnishings for a young start-up.


Are you part of a young company, a start-up in the world of communication, a team of young professionals who work with the aim of creating for [...]

Ergonomic glass dividing panels.


Ergonomics: the science that deals with the interaction of man and the elements of a system with the aim of improving the satisfaction of the user [...]

Simplicity: the key word for our furnishing projects for offices.


Simplicity, a word that gains more and more importance from day to day. In the era of "the more, the better", finding simplicity is always rare. In [...]

Perfect details for the personalized glass doors.


The attention to detail is what distinguishes the professionals in the furnishing sector from those who speak well but produce little. Personalized [...]

Really avant-garde office furrnishings.


Interior architects taken on by a large company to design the office are in the right place! Vetroin will give you the possibility [...]

Interactive glass to transform the conference room.


Do you want a conference room that is is unique? Do you want to amaze your clients with an incedible meeting room? You're in the right place, vetroin [...]

Glass furnishings made to measure: from the design to installation.


Time moves quickly and technology advances, methods of communicating and promoting have changed. For important companies, being avant-garde and [...]

Glass with LED, the last frontier of personalization.


Glass with LED lighting is one of the possible proposals of personalization by Vetroin, market leader in the design of luxury office furnishings. If [...]

How to transform a mono-pane glass panel.


The fundamental part of Vetroin furnishings designs is certainly the mono-pane glass panel. Its function is that of separating spaces, a real [...]
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