Interactive glass on your dividing panel.


Today we're concentrating on big companies that host conferences, meetings and important events in their offices. The office furnishings should [...]

Glass with LCD film: technology makes the difference


Vetroin is always a step ahead of its competitors in the field of office furnishings. As you well know, the use of glass as the main element of the [...]

Glass furnishings: personalization guaranteed.


When designing  a project for glass furnishings for an office, the maximum personalization is a must. Each environment has determined necesseties [...]

Office furnishings: contact Vetroin


Why should a company choose Vetroin for the design project of their office furnishings?  If you're looking for something original, unique, good [...]

Sliding doors for offices and glass furnishings


Sliding doors for offices are very fashionable lately. That's true, and if they are then accompanied by and inserted in a design project for glass [...]

Glass parapets by Vetroin


Vetroin is a large and modern company that deals with special office furnishings...we're talking about glass furnishings! If you turn to this company [...]

Decorated glass doors: character and personality to to your furnishing


The company image is transmitted by its furnishings too, don't under-estimate the personalization and character when designing a new furnishing [...]

Dividing panels in glass…not only transparency


Dividing panels are used to divide spaces in an office and create separate rooms. We are used to seeing them in brick but it's not the only [...]

Glass furnishings…a step agead!


Designing a furnishing project in glass is not an easy task, using this element to organize all the furnishing of an office is a very particular job. [...]

LCD glass to modulate the transparency of doors and panels


Vetroin designs and produces glass furnishings for offices. Transparency is the most important quality and consequently brightness, spaciousness, [...]
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