Satin effect glass doors: privacy and brightness


Vetroin designs and produces office furnishings completely in glass. Using this precious element the natural brightness of the rooms and the [...]

Sliding doors as part of your glass furnishings


How practical are sliding doors? Imagine an office where the workers have to move around from one place to another, or there's a lot of coming and [...]

Glass furnishings, how can you forget it?


Have you ever seen glass furnishings? Have you ever been into a super technological office with sliding doors, dividing panels and parapets, all in [...]

Project for office furnishings: functional


When preparing a project for office furnishings it is necessary  to consider many details: the size of the space, brightness, functionality, [...]

Glass doors for internals, an original office!


Have you ever thought of furnishing your office in an original, innovative, modern and technological way? Not the usual cold, small and traditional [...]

New made to measure glass furnishings


When a new office opens and the esthetic aspect wants to appear important, it's necessary to trust in a team of experts who can prepare a first class [...]

Decorated glass doors, you won’t believe your eyes!


Nowadays technology is moving at a great pace. We often see products and wonder how they could have been created as they are so original and [...]

Silk-screen printed glass parapets


Serigraphy is an artistic printing technique for images that involves leaving the special inks to deposit onto a support through the free areas of a [...]

5 characteristics of our office furnishings


Who on earth would close a deal in an office like those seen in so many old films? It's certainly difficult for a client to feel at ease in a dull, [...]

Glass doors with special decorations


A very particular technique for decorating glass elements consists of inserting fine textiles between  two thin planes of glass that then become [...]
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