Made to measure glass furnishings for the new hi-tech shop


It's not usual to have made to measure glass furnishings designed by expert designers for your offices. It's not usual to have an elegant and modern [...]

Laser-engraved glass for your windows


Is it possible to make an image or slogan appear on the glass panels in your office? The answer is yes and if you choose Vetroin you can be sure that [...]

Why choose satin effect glass doors?


Which material possesses elegance and simplicity? What material can be used to build your internal structures for resistance but also pleasing to the [...]

First class decorated glass doors


What is meant by interior design? What are the latest trends regarding the furnishing of offices and companies? How can you choose your [...]

The best solution is furniture made to measure


Why decide to save a few euro to buy generic pieces of furniture and then find yourself spending days, or even hiring a carpenter to adapt them to [...]

Furniture made of glass for information technology


Finally, you've found a suitable space to start your new information technology business.  A shop that offers services and equipment connected to [...]

Glass doors to work better


Your office does not satisfy you any longer, you can no longer find the serenity to work well? The reason may lie in the furniture or in space [...]

Sliding doors for a new art studio


If space is a problem in your new art studio, Vetroin will solve it with new and elegant sliding glass doors, a piece of furniture on which the [...]

An office furniture design in step with the times


We often tend to be autonomous in our choices regarding the office furniture design. We tend to follow own preferences, without making too many [...]

A new system of laser engraving on glass


The classic signs, indoor signage and other similar structures are definitely losing market to give way to new ideas, new technologies.With this [...]
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