Glass doors to work better


Your office does not satisfy you any longer, you can no longer find the serenity to work well? The reason may lie in the furniture or in space [...]

Sliding doors for a new art studio


If space is a problem in your new art studio, Vetroin will solve it with new and elegant sliding glass doors, a piece of furniture on which the [...]

An office furniture design in step with the times


We often tend to be autonomous in our choices regarding the office furniture design. We tend to follow own preferences, without making too many [...]

A new system of laser engraving on glass


The classic signs, indoor signage and other similar structures are definitely losing market to give way to new ideas, new technologies.With this [...]

Systems with LCD glass for decor project


Vetroin, a leading company in the sector of glass furniture for offices, aims to design and implement some elements that are functional and elegant, [...]

Elegant and safe: Vetroin glass railings


By dividing your office into several floors you will obtain more work spaces; this is not always possible and sometimes you have to get a loft itself [...]

High-tech glass furniture, the best on the market


The glass furniture, produced by our company, is made ​​up of walls and sliding doors, that separate the different environments, screens [...]

Space-saving glass sliding systems


Attention to the details has always been a priority for Vetroin that for years has been a leader in the office furniture industry and, in particular, [...]

Novelties for our frosted glass doors


Glazing is one of the oldest and well-established techniques for the treatment of glass. Before we proceeded with acid etching, with products that [...]

Decorated glass doors for artistic atmosphere


What kind of precautions can you take to make a visual impact of your office different from usual ones? What can you do to create an artistic [...]
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