Attention to details: glass railings


These railings are a protection element which serves to prevent the fall of persons or objects from a balcony or terrace with an altitude [...]

From open space to office space with partitions


The problem of availability of space for new businesses or those who want to move their headquarters, especially if you are in the big cities.It [...]

Sliding glass doors: stylish details for your office


Does your company deal with technological products of the latest generation? Or does it offer high quality services? Well, if it's your case, it is [...]

Customized glass furnishings of the last generation


Everybody remembers the first impression that we had, entering the head office of a company which we ask for a service: if you hit us, we tend to [...]

Confidentiality and lightness: satin glass doors byVetroin


Glass, in its nature, is the material which at first glance is elegant and refined, especially if used for the furnishing of offices and public [...]
Music improves your work

Cutting edge glass furniture


When you'd like to renew or review new office furniture, the options are certainly numerous: find cheap but low quality items in large shopping [...]

Decorated and personalized doors


Do you know that with Vetroin you can design and produce decorated doors for glass office furniture? Originality, elegance and great value ... These [...]

Office furniture, choose Vetroin!


Is it time to renew your office furniture? Your company has grown up and now needs to be more elegant and representative? Rely on Vetroin and you [...]

Very comfortable sliding glass doors!


How many of us would like to have modern sliding glass doors? Many indeed! Sliding doors are very comfortable, they do not need to be pushed or [...]

Glass laser: How is it possible?


When it comes to furniture and technology, we can name but one company - Vetroin. For many years it has been studying, designing and producing glass [...]
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