Vetroin: Glass furniture upon request


Vetroin is a leader in the field of office  furniture, ahead of all competitors, many steps ahead in terms of technology and quality. The special [...]

Vetroin creates your custom design for furniture made ​​of glass.


A well-known saying "Your home is the mirror of the soul," referes also to your office! For this reason, pay attention to your workspace because it [...]

Interior glass doors: A touch of style in the office


When the office you've chosen becomes a definitive one, there is nothing to do, you try to make it similar to that of your dreams, to make it [...]

Customized office furniture


It 's very simple and inexpensive to choose to furnish your office with mass-produced items that you find in the malls. Everybody can have them, they [...]

Customized decorated doors


Do you want something truly unique and original for your office? Some item that no one else can have? Today Vetroin presents wonderful decorated [...]

Partitions for offices EvolvInWall


When preparing a project for the furnishing of an office, it's very important to be very accurate, especially if it is totally made of glass. That's [...]

Stunning frosted glass doors


Have you ever thought of renewing your office and furnishing it with all elegant glass elements? Vetroin has been the leader in the industry for many [...]

Design a glass furniture office


Are you opening a new office, a large and important, maybe seat of an important business or an enterprise? Apply to Vetroin for design of glass [...]

Sliding glass doors: The evidence of safety


Vetroin produces glass office furniture, transparent and elegant, perfect for studies of some renown and important. The aesthetical look is always of [...]

Glass furniture makes your office elegant


Fashion, design and trendy furniture are the elements applying not only to home settings.The atmosphere of an office or a company should be welcoming [...]
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