Customized decorated doors


Do you want something truly unique and original for your office? Some item that no one else can have? Today Vetroin presents wonderful decorated [...]

Partitions for offices EvolvInWall


When preparing a project for the furnishing of an office, it's very important to be very accurate, especially if it is totally made of glass. That's [...]

Stunning frosted glass doors


Have you ever thought of renewing your office and furnishing it with all elegant glass elements? Vetroin has been the leader in the industry for many [...]

Design a glass furniture office


Are you opening a new office, a large and important, maybe seat of an important business or an enterprise? Apply to Vetroin for design of glass [...]

Sliding glass doors: The evidence of safety


Vetroin produces glass office furniture, transparent and elegant, perfect for studies of some renown and important. The aesthetical look is always of [...]

Glass furniture makes your office elegant


Fashion, design and trendy furniture are the elements applying not only to home settings.The atmosphere of an office or a company should be welcoming [...]

Glass walls, elegant as never before


Office is unfortunately one of those places where we pass the best part of our time. Even for this reason only, it's important that the office should [...]

Decorated glass doors - why not in the office?


The idea of improving appearance of our environments is always very successful especially when it comes to the environments where we spend most of [...]

Change the office with glass furniture


You are self-employed, an owner of a company or a freelancer? Certainly you have freedom of choice in your professional field. Freedom also to decide [...]

Furnishing on demand for your office


It's important to have a nice look of the working place. It's a perfect trademark for your clients and it makes better the work of the people who [...]
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