Glass walls, elegant as never before


Office is unfortunately one of those places where we pass the best part of our time. Even for this reason only, it's important that the office should [...]

Decorated glass doors - why not in the office?


The idea of improving appearance of our environments is always very successful especially when it comes to the environments where we spend most of [...]

Change the office with glass furniture


You are self-employed, an owner of a company or a freelancer? Certainly you have freedom of choice in your professional field. Freedom also to decide [...]

Furnishing on demand for your office


It's important to have a nice look of the working place. It's a perfect trademark for your clients and it makes better the work of the people who [...]

Most original furniture for offices

Office furniture

At work it's extremely important that everything should be perfect. Everything should help the correct carrying out of the working activities. We [...]

Design of office furniture for your environment


When it concerns working environments it is vital that they should be functional enough to carry out everyday activities. We are not only talking [...]

A glass sliding door: comfort and elegance


The working environment is as important as the domestic one. The same care which is applied when you furnish your home should be also applied for [...]

Interesting news, laser glass


The researches of diverse and innovative solutions in the interior for any environment always bring a lot of ideas and new various solutions.Besides, [...]

New look of any place with decorated doors


After so many years passed in the same office with the same habits, the same schedule and the same things around you, restyling is deeply [...]

Glass doors for very modern offices

Glass door

racticality must be always guaranteed at a workplace. In this sense modern furniture will be preferred because it helps create livable and practical [...]
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