Glass doors that furnish the office

[16 Jan 2012]

The work environment should not be just a place of production, business and labor. Of course, this is the main component of any activity, but an office, a company or a studio are also places of life, [...]

Laser engraving on glass

[09 Jan 2012]

Are you changing the office? Are you going to renew your furniture? Are you interested in buying modern and stylish new products? Then Vetroin is the right company for you. Vetroin has its [...]

Elegant sliding glass doors 

[02 Jan 2012]

If you are renewing your office furniture, we invite you to browse the catalogue of Vetroin. It’s a dynamic company specialized in the office furnituire. There are many products that can be [...]

The office partitions

[26 Dec 2011]

We often need to renew not only home settings but also a workplace. After many years of activity it’s very good to give a new look to your settings finding better aesthetic and functional [...]

Glass stair rails for office

[19 Dec 2011]

In the management of the interior spaces in offices or companies in general, the adopted architectural solutions are becoming more and more advanced. Open space, transparent offices, [...]

Glass, the most fascinating material

[12 Dec 2011]

There are many different materials in nature which are also widely used in every field of industry and market in general. Of these, glass is the material [...]

A glass door as you wish

[05 Dec 2011]

When it comes to renovation of furnishing in various environments or when it is necessary to rehabilitate the entire concept of the rooms, the possibilities are really plenty, both in [...]

Decorated glass doors 

[28 Nov 2011]

If you think of renewing the furniture in your office to allocate space in a more useful way, or even give a touch of style and modernity, you need to know that there are really lots of [...]

Laser glass technology

[21 Nov 2011]

A continued and growing trend in science and technology helps to get to creation of new and very technological elements that can be applied in different sectors, including furnishing. We [...]

A partition solution for offices

[14 Nov 2011]

The beauty and elegance of work rooms are not something to be underestimated, not only for customers who are to be received in a clean and comfortable place, but also for those who work there every [...]

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