Fabulous glass with LED

[07 Nov 2011]

The evolution of technology seems to be in any sector, so as to create new solutions in all areas. A furniture industry is not exclusion as well. The glass with LED represents a [...]

Office furniture planning with glass elements

[31 Oct 2011]

When it’s necessary to reorganize the space or renew the furniture in a working environment, office furniture planning plays a key role. When you have little or poorly exploited spaces, or on [...]

The sliding doors for office

[24 Oct 2011]

If we try to overview the changes in furnishing from the 50s to today, we will surely find many new features. The style, life and tastes have changed a lot due to industrial development and the [...]

The customized interior glass doors

[17 Oct 2011]

The furnishing of the workplace and housing is essential but it's not limited with insertion, though studied, of furniture and furniture details. Everything starts with coatings and entry systems. A [...]

Office partitions for dividing office spaces

[10 Oct 2011]

In an office workplace space is a basic requirement. There are always a lot of materials or products to be used, often there are even  more people in the room, so the opportunity to enjoy large [...]

Glass creations by Vetroin

[03 Oct 2011]

Generally, when it comes to furnishing, there’s a great variety of materials. Wood, glass, crystal glass, rubber, plastic, all of them are widely used to create furniture and accessories. Each [...]

Office furniture planning

[26 Sep 2011]

Safety and quality of the work place are the two crucial points. Hardly anyone will ever wish to work in unsafe and unpleasant area. It’s been proven that esthetics of the working [...]

Satin glass doors

[19 Sep 2011]

If you love furniture, then you are definitely aware of the latest gimmicks and trends. When you are looking for a solution for your working environment, the choice really has no boundaries. Not [...]

Laser engraving on glass

[12 Sep 2011]

Vetroin is a modern, enterprising office-fitting company with an extensive and very interesting range of products. It is based in Castel Mella, in the province of Brescia. It is staffed by competent, [...]

Vetroin interior glass doors

[05 Sep 2011]

Have you bought a new office? Do you want to fit it with interesting, modern, elegant fittings? Do you find glass appealing? Then Vetroin, a modern supplier of glass fittings for offices, is what [...]

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