The laser engraving glass sheets

[20 Jun 2011]

To update continually the technology and offer new products it’s essential for every company. That's why Vetroin offers you last generation products, creative and modern. Its latest offer is [...]

Interior glass doors

[13 Jun 2011]

Vetroin creates various glass products for offices: doors, walls, sheets with LCD film, glassworks with laser engraving, stairs, hanging wall containers etc. Vetroin is a furniture producer of [...]

Laser engraving on glass

[06 Jun 2011]

Vetroin, a company from the Brescia Region, specializing in manufacture of glass office furniture. Walls, sliding doors, stairs, variously personalized sheets – fine work with glass is no [...]

Glass and technology for the production of office furniture

[30 May 2011]

Vetroin is a big company specializing in the production of office furnishing that uses glass as the main element. That's right, glass, transparent and clear, guarantees elegance at a [...]

The elegance for your office with sliding doors

[23 May 2011]

Do you need to renew your office or your company? The first impression is very important, you shouldn’t make a mistake! That’s why choose Vetroin, the leading company in the production of [...]

A glass door in many different models

[16 May 2011]

To impress your customers you can’t miss anything. The manner of speaking, the way of gesture, the appearance, the office environment, its furnishing, ... Do you want to give a better image [...]

Solid and modern interior glass doors

[09 May 2011]

Do you need to furnish your office? Have you found a new place for your business? Do you want to find a company specializing in glass furnishing that can surprise you? Vetroin, the company with a [...]

LCD glass with transparent and opaque effect

[02 May 2011]

In thousands of innovations brought by sophisticated technologies there is LCD glass that may find various applications. Most popular LCD glass can be seen in contemporary television, but not limited [...]

LED glass for unique light decor

[25 Avr 2011]

In the contemporary society innovations are always on the agenda. Novel technologies leave us open-mouthed when we think of their evolution pace. Every day new steps are made forward in the [...]

Sliding glass doors for interior premises

[18 Avr 2011]

Often separation of interior spaces means certain sacrifice for the sake of space. From now on, however, you’ll have the option of choosing sliding doors to solve this problem. Not any sliding [...]

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