Glass partition walls, main element of our projects


What features must have a glass partition wall to be up to VetroIN projects? About the 10 glass partition walls and our 10 collections in our [...]

Office furniture of a certain prestige


VetroIN is a leading company in the design and realization of prestigious office furniture, 100% Made in Italy, quality materials and certified [...]

Walls with noise isolation: a practical solution to the problem


VetroIN, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of glass furnishings, has also thought about the functionality and solution of daily [...]

Innovative and ultra-high technology glass walls


Imagine a last-generation congress hall, what furniture should it be?Let's start with a great premise: the eye wants its part, the first aesthetic [...]

Custom made glass furniture: Autumn changes


Autumn is approaching with great speed, time of budgets and programming. Who of you is thinking about a nice restyling of the office? How many of you [...]

Glass partition walls, as many as 10 in our catalog


What are the most important items in office furniture? No doubt the internal walls that divide the various spaces between them. VetroIN, one of the [...]

Sliding glass doors in VetroIN projects


How many of you would like to have sliding glass doors in the office? How many companies need to invest in their image to strengthen their role on [...]

Anti-seismic glass walls: truly innovative solutions


In recent years we have been particularly sensitive to the topic of "anti-seismic security", also seen the recent disastrous events that have cost [...]

Customizable glass doors, browse our web site


Even the glass doors can be customized in Vetroin projects, all the elements of our designs are custom made according to the environmental needs and [...]

Custom made glass furnishings: elegance, sophistication and technology


VetroIN is a large company specialized in the design and manufacture of 100% Made in Italy custom made glass furnishings of unsurpassed quality. If [...]
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